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Welcome to my design blog. My site will allow you a glimpse of my work, and if you feel you could use my services you can contact me through this blog.

My name is Megan Hassell. I love art, design, and photography and I'm so blessed to be able to incorporate these into my livelihood. I love working with people. I feel that we have the potential to learn from everyone, whether it be, family, friends, or just someone we meet in passing. That is why I'm looking forward to working with you. My goal is to serve you and use my creative ability to produce the right material for you. I love working one on one with individuals to assist them in expressing an idea. I also can assist if you just need someone to take full creative control. Either way I'm here to serve. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me for more information.

Phone: 615.823.0441

-Megan Hassell

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